Scene 1

Macro perspective of Hyperzura Techno Mega Organism (TMO) aka TMO029388182CVJ992. A dynamic medley of situation potential clouds, environment membranes, scaffold structure and infrastructure pipelines.


Scene 2

Monitor drone perspective, closer than previous macro,  zoom and analysis and tracking of real time generation of certain architectures in certain emerging zones (membranes) of corresponding environmental parameters.


Scene 2 Test


Scene 3

Drone perspective of humans showing potential and actual interaction and level of shared environment. Two subjects profiles brought up for further monitoring; holographic 3D rotation (similar to display of architecture in previous shot).



Scene 4

Street level shot of subject 1. The camera tracks him, goes beyond him and briefly captures the formation of his environment, camera goes back past him and then lingers on the entropy.


Scene 4 Test


Scene 5

Street level shot of subject 2 experiencing shift of environment.


Scene 5 Test


Scene 6

Subject 1 & 2 meet and together transfer into a higher density, higher energy environment membrane.